I qualified as an Equine Physio in June 2015 after studying for four years with The College of Animal Physiotherapy. I graduated from Chichester University in 2002 with a degree in Equine Science.

I then worked in Marketing and Events for 10 years in London, Brighton and finally Dubai! Having realised my true passion was horses, I returned to education to complete my Diploma in Equine Physiotherapy.

I have ridden since the age of 4 and my main passion is eventing. I don't currently own my own horse, but I get to ride client's horses regularly, which I love!

I have a unique way of working, which includes very little manual and electro therapy. My practice centres around prehab and strength training. A strong horse is a healthy horse! I will spend a long time chatting with you about your ridden work and how to improve your training programme, setting you exercises to undertake at home.

I have a holistic approach and like to involve the team surrounding the horse, so appreciate chatting to your farrier, vet, saddler and dentist.