I am delighted to announce I am now working alongside Angley Stud Rehabilitation, a 60 acre purpose-built rehab yard in Cranbrook, Kent.

Angley, who take in veterinary referral and private cases, have an indoor and outdoor school, horse walker, solarium, washdown box and the water treadmill.

The Activo-Med Treadmill offers Hydrotherapy to aid recovery from injuries and increases your horse’s general fitness. Horses work in a natural outline without a rider, at controlled speeds in both walk and trot.  The water is introduced gradually over a series of sessions to a maximum of knee height.
Hydrotherapy benefits include an increase in joint flexion and development of the back muscles, with no rider to impede the horse’s natural movement.  Concussive force is minimised by the water so that muscles and tendons are strengthened safely. Muscles are able to develop symmetrically as the horse works in balance, in a straight line, without interference.

Angley water treadmill

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